always the very grave danger of the formation of the narcotic habit. In
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neurasthenia. Under hyperorexia are to be included 'bulimia and poly-
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when the large intestine is the seat of the ulcers, and blood is sometimes
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fully developed, in its incipient stage it is manageable; as much so as
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doubtful insanity, it is therefore of the greatest importance to contrast,
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less prescribed by a judicious physician, should be carefully avoided.
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violent headache, rapidly developed delirium with or without retraction
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to be entirely irregular, with depressions and elevations, sometimes to be
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muscles of the face and neck, and still later replaced by a large cathode
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to have caused symptoms scarcely to be distinguished from those of
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be restricted to times when the respiratory symptoms are very threaten-
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lax. Percussion is usually less valuable than palpation in determining
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elevated, or depressed. In three-fourths of the cases death occurs during
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is of greater frequency at the extremes of life, and during the winter
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noia produced. When the attack has been caused by a very sudden and
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sudden death, a termination which in our experience has especially oc-
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used by some authorities. It is evident that septicaemia and pyaemia are
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carditis occurs as a complication, attention may be directed to the heart
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been 67 per hundred, decreasing rapidly, so that between ten and fifteen
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alternating with dulness and feeble or absent respiration in the same
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Simple purpura occurs oftenest in children, sometimes in old people,
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the vessel affected. If the middle cerebral or other large artery be sud-
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in alcoholic cirrhosis and is present to the above extent in cancer alone
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of leeches followed by ice, to arrest inflammation ; if, however, suppu-
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months, while chronic dysentery may be continued over a period of years.
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monary pleurae, at times so firm that in the removal of the lung the
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necessary to explain to the patient the condition, so that by a quiet,
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in thirty-four per cent., intussusception in thirty- two per cent., abnormal
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and go, tubercular disease should be strongly suspected. A regular
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demonstrable alteration of the spinal cord or in the nerves. In some
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disease is a cause of osteomalacia, and that the favorable results of cas-
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discomfort and constipation after their removal makes the diagnosis clear.
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and of saturnine encephalopathy may very closely resemble those of
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ence of any micro-organisms in the brain or the general system. It
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the duct, the outlet of which is filled with an opaque, viscid material
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of hyperthermia. Whenever the temperature reaches 101 F. the child
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free sweating may be induced by the Turkish or the vapor bath, or by a
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The treatment which has thus been detailed is that of a case of syph-