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"resolved" until the skin has regained its normal character ; but in most
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burette must be insignificant. Both objects are attained
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effects of the drug, is normal. The problem before us is, — does
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the skin is frequently hot, and not infrequently puffy. I have even
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A few illustrations of these and other accompaniments of night terrors
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lesion has yet been found there, neither does it at present appear
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student of human nature ; a master of terse and lucid speech
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covered with scales until after a lapse of several days, but a scale can be
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undertook a careful research into the relation of the cervical nervous
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special care being taken to promote nasal breathing with closed mouth.
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seizure, the condition has been described by Echeverria as intermittent
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a. Color Index. The term "color index" means the amount of
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The disease is .endemic, and prompt removal from the infected districts
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tempered, of a contented disposition, affectionate, and fond of those who
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application for advice respecting the course of study by
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questions touching what they should eat, drink, and avoid.
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Text-Book of Physiology. Edited by E. A. SCHAFER, LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Phys-
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Symptoms. — We are now in a position to review with profit the various
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1. Dent. Jour. Mental Science, April 1889. — 2. Soc. de Chirurg. Report in La
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and destructive action of the chemical rays by the intervention of a
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A few cases in both sexes end in recovery after many years of melan-
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which, as a rule, causes the patient pain, but is sometimes attended with
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Insanity may follow decay of the brain from age or premature decay,
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also the line of Vicq d'Azyr). (iv.) Polymorphic layer of cells of various
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Having lived on the worst of unfriendly terms with most of
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4. Insanity. — Is there an hysterical insanity 1 That hysterics should
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principles of treatment already advocated should be adhered to, and
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found there to apply to human as well as to bird malaria — which are
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temperate climates. Negroes are never affected, probably on account of
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steady for a moment. These folks will often take a hint quickly enough
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covered with crusts, and showing here and there some excoriated patches
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drunkard, and two better means could not be devised for
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discovered the pleasures of eating and drinking were not
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vital than the skin. The ghastly ravages that daily come before us in
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Oxford, belongs to the generation just before Chaucer's,
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ances that occur within the first six weeks after confinement. But as
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Symptoms. — The sole feature of this condition is the congenital
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once only, but repeatedly, was in favour of neuralgia due to fatigue ; this
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and yet more laboured than advanced, the labour having