and weight, in order to relieve the pressure of the articulated surfaces
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bril continuity on the cell surface as well as on the dendrites;
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vals of a few moments for the greater part of ten years, the removal of a
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movement often notably intense. In rubeola, coryza, irritability of ej^es,
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expect advantages on these occasions from its use. There are
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or from some acute disease which did not cause a disintegration
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possession of his high mental faculties, should have
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very fowerfal. The plan, therefore, which I laid down for
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attacks of pancreatic colic, are doubtless sometimes attributed to gall-
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wheiever the English language is read, as a standard
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a marked feature of many cases, accompanied by much pain, but in no
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sulphatid, and is therefore largely concerned in sheath devel-
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ment and the paralj^sis sometimes occur simultaneousl}^
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(substantia gelatino'&a) and motor nuclei from the same section as figure 15,
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cess of degUitition is well known ; and it is also known, as I
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convulsions may occur. The constitutional disturbance is more or less
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ment accounting for more or less of the nervous symptoms ; but the con-
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As regards digestion, nutrition, and the functions of the body in gene-
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years ; but, at successive epochs, it is apt to increase and to become more
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the different effects with weak and strong stimulation were not
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Clinical Ma>ual" (?ee p. 5), or of "Chambers's Restorative Medicine" (see p.
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ticular, of intra-uterine life, the limbs of the foetus are so slen-
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cedema or oedema of the glottis, are the immediate causes of death. In
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the epithelium neither absent nor essentially changed. It is intelligible
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sufren un proceso de citolisis, de tal modo que la hendidura crece
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the first stage of the disease to extend to the period when the affection is
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also enclosed in glia sheaths. I am very sorry that I could not
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procuring vapour more rave and of more equal strength.
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no complications peculiar to the latter. Ura^mic coma, and sometimes
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plexuses fibers supply the taste-buds and the epitheUum of the
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roots. Also muscle spindle preparations from the masseter
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the trigeminal root fibers on each side, in their course through
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from three to ten twigs stand together; these, as well as the former,
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lyzed condition of the vessels or to an increased attraction of the tissues
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though this was the case also in some resting nerve cells. It was
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whereas they are rarel}^ affected in hemiplegia from intra-cranial lesions.
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extractivos y agua. El cerebro difiere poco de la m^dula, mien-
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hain (16),and others despite the repeated argumentation of the
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the conditions it has developed for its maintenance assure this
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6. The smaller brain has a higher percentage of water which
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ous, but in the further course of life many kinds of manifestation
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border, the neuroplasmatic anastomoses and the perifibrillary
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gangUon at the place of origin of the nervus stapedius and states
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Of the efficacy of arsenic there is abundant and strong testimony. Fow-
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tral part of the semilunar gangUon. In the ganglion the motor
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turn of the cochlea. Kitten 5 days, 12 hours after birth. Solution of trichlor-
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j)atches, which in four chiys more were extinct; no desquamation
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