operation, his pulse was 96; temperature, 102.6"; and
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about five persons each, often consumes 33 pounds of food a day ; and
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xxi, .58-67.— Weir (R. F.) How fractures of the thigh and
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elements of the grey substance which produce the phosphorized
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disguise the taste. Where infantile diarrhoea exists without vom-
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that the Society is preparing to erect a monument to the memory
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oftalmol., Kiev, 1896, xiii, 207-219 — Silex (P ') Eiirenartige
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of Medicine of the University of Chicago. The college work must have included the
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tuberculosis. You will observe that I avoid dispute as to
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Fig. 2.--Seeond and Inst incision. (The wound made by ilie first
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below the cerebral hemispheres. It consists of a right and a left
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In casts that recovered, the fever usually ended by lysis; in the fatal
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uve a greater curvature forwards at the upper part, and are turned
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the cold affusion, searing irons, &c, except the one originally affected,
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view of the ostium. Nevertheless he could not help feeling that this opera-
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sium, thirty grains, with fifteen grains of hydrate of chloral, three times a day.
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ing out the peritoneal cavity, aud excising the pertoratiou.
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Lecture on Irritable Bladder, §c. Delivered at St. Thomas's
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dangerous disease, but in other cases comparatively mild, and, as regards
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tion of an interior thrilling. One would say that the breast is like
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its sides elevated, foot-board applied, suitable pads introduced, and then the
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and thick blood ; accumulation of sero-sanious fluid in the
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tical Medicine and Surgery, thus making the work one of peculiar in-
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of these different textures. Even at a very early period of
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articles on medicine, neurology, surgery, therapeutics, pediatrics,
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terial is at present scarcely available. It would be a
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the histological characters of the lupus nodules and the