fusions of buchu, uva ursi, triticum rej^ens, or slipperj'-elm bark, with
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medicines, and requires the operation of iridectomy, which should
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University, and early in 1848 was appointed professor
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ical jurisprudence, 88 ; his works, 89 ; his illness and resig-
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commodity which money will not buy. They can employ compe-
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urine ; but uratic de]iosits in the joints or elsewhere never occur in
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any age. Joffroy and Achard have indeed reported a case of this
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the body, while the latter varies only between 58.5 and 65.7 per cent.
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in connection with the different theories advanced as to the nature
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arthritic atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder must be distinguished
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posing, the hereditary tendency to insanity stands tirst, and do*
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Among exciting causes may be mentioned nervous shock, mental
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may easily be .avoided by a study of the previous history and by
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appear almost black, will often be found in the neighborhood of the
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valve-like orifice, and if all these tubes were stretched into one con-
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cisive ; but occasionally the blood of a genuine gouty subject, whose
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feel the movements of the foetus. These movements, known as
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face; others spread out over the body of the valve, and come to a
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being superfluous material they are changed into fat and deposited
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cession which we make to other evils when, in these cases, we allow
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mon, died of the gout. From that day to the present time, there are
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is, in some degree, an almost constant concomitant of granular kidneys,
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rence. Congenital defects of the heart sometimes exist, so that life
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kept apart from the ordinary cases of polysarcia because of their patho-
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these cases nerve tonics such as phosphates are excellent. Over-
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affects primarily the nervous system and through it secondarily the
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such disease as may result therefrom is much more satisfactory than
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The cathartic mineral loaters are only to be used in cases where a
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even very suddenly, paralysis of the organ ensues and the patient
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with which bronchitis clings to the gouty has been long recognized.
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were already a number of such institutions independ-
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usuall}'^ occurs among arthritic subjects, and is an indication for the
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Obesity and lithiasis are of frequent occurrence among women and
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many of the more strictly toxic nephritides are due to poisons whose origin
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larized light always points to the presence of grape sugar ; a slight
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They favor congestion and displacement of the womb, they obstruct
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Marie which resembles in several of its characteristics the myopathic
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The test-tube is then placed in a water-bath for an hour and heated.
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reagent only precipitates proteins. For the detection of small Quantities
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