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versity Medical School, 1904. Was professor emeritus
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stance, or, on the other, to formulate such general expression ;
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short time, asphyxiated. Such may be the course in cases of scarlatina
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connection which I regard as of greatest practical value to you:
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satisfied that it was dm- to ; i toxemia. On the firsl o
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In a number of cases of carcinoma uteri treated in the
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to a height exceodiug two or three feet. It is readily distinguished
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nieum starting from the ovary, even before feeHng the nodular tumor
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record where the disease has been transmitted through abra-
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No disease presents more uniform, or more stronglv marked characters than Trau-
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uses — the procuring, preparing, and mounting objects — is taken principally from
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fully elucidated in the works just named. In the various
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These included troth, milk, gelatin, potato, lunham's
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before its death. Its internal appearance is represented by No. 3 in the
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disease. It should be mentioned that he consulted about
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Keeping in view those principles which I have endeavoured to
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when a bacterium has caused a pathological state in man or animal,
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the requirements of the By-Laws of the Association. Per-
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twenty-two were men. Adrenalin was used in fifty-six cases, and in
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the extent of the ulceration, but from the fact that it was
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and light steam boats. It differs from these bayous, properly
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regarded as intracranial tumours. Further, some chronic encapsulated
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acetic acid (B. aceti), etc., pneumococcus, B. lactis aerogenes, B. coli, etc.).
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experiment (Table V), this animal died after a single subcuta-
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1936. Middle ion, William Shainline, 2114 Adams St., Madison, Wise.
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women may have attacks of tetanus or catalepsy, but all these
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passes in its active condition, which he called ozone,
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Elizabeth, secretary, and Dr. T. J. Stafford, Galena, treasurer.
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■nrith which after-pains appear to follow its administration, and
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puerperal infection and states that though we now know that
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and settled on the anterior capsule of the lens; they
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their use in that strict sense which philosophy would require.
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rooming, when he felt weak and looked ill and blanched. No pain
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Dr. Fischer were syphilitic or not, it is difficult to say. A