Raxgoox, Buema.^'' — Ovarian and uterine tumors are

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foundation. A memorial contribution can provide financial aid to a

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these resemble minute granules, with Brownian movement, while the

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readmitted, the ulcer having reopened. At this time it was covered with

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to the series of experiments that have been made to demonstrate

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to streptococci, and it was not surprising that the results of

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Smollet in his Letters from Italy, " a student in the Temple

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contusion of the cord, but damage to the spinal arteries also

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The feeding of a pneumonic patient is of no little importance ; he

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Dr. WOrdkmanx: Estimation of economic damage should be founded

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phorus is also useful when a tendency to vomit remains, but with tlie

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given him came away as chyme. Under this belief it was

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a corneal astigmatism of one dioptre, the vertical meridian being that of

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mental proof), causing parenchymatous and fatty degeneration, even

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mi two different occasions. This man's stool was plated out to see if he might

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they do not bite the mucosa, they cause irritation. In due course

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Blchland County (Wis.) Medical Association. — Repre-

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vular, arteriosclerotic, or nephritic, must be based,

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The return of the paroxysms of ague is often so regular that it can be

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to use a net woven closer than 20 strands to the inch. Experience in

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3. Sponge may be used instead of the finger without fear of pro-

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What influence, for good or for bad, the occurrence of pulmonary hemor-

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earth, while persons and animals track the mud all over

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roasted or baked, has a chap or abrasion on the lip, and

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symptoms subside, and the disease terminates at the end of

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performed. It would seem, however, more judicious to publish the three dif-

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Zenoleum or Kreso. In case of small chicks grease with pure

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occurred that the same consideration was applicable to the knee, and that, when

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decrease the number of stimuli. The stimuli originate at the

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sensorial system may give rise to diabetes. The sugar passing into

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if Dr. Lasher knew of cases where disease was contracted by natives who had not

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The method of applying this dressing is as follows :

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There is also considerable shrinking of the cusps, and occasionally small

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soreness in her throat, and some difficulty of deglutition ; the tongue bore

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been referred to in treating of endocarditis. The morbid process in the

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growing humanity — as well as the mature — there

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tract of lung-tissue or several scattered patches, or even a single small

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Rossiter, who observed active ulcerations of the nasal septum and hard palate

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is a great deal to be said in behalf of the side as the

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antidote saved the patient's life, and my use of it was owing to the

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desired. Creosote invariably stopped when hemoptysis super-

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is of the very highest value, since in no one instance/' says the

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inability on her part by reason of her engagement in some industrial,

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vascular repair and reimplantation of digits or more

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slowly advancing oedema of legs or face ; or that the

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