whether in his pathological inquiries he ever found any of the sequences

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It was now found to contain a good deal of heavy solid matter ; and,

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opium, combined with belladonna. — A discussion ensued, in which Dr.

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— the eye-affection and joint-effusion — were found together. Another

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* Dr. BramcM informs mc that the ozonometers of the observatory at Saltbum

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delivery, the nurse was making firm pressure on the uterus, when inver-

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WEDNESDAY— Hunterian Society, 8 P.M. Adjourned discussion on Mr. Bryant's

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{Edinburgh AlcJical Journal, August 1870), as well as three of my own

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be sufficient for him to produce a Certificate or Certificates that he has

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lation of 18,996,916. The difference in the mortality from this disease

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prentice to a Fellow of the College, he must also produce his dis-

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originated in this country. Both patients were females, and in each in-

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3 months, £(> 6s.; 6 months, ^10 los.; 12 months, ^15 15s.; 3 years,

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distinct, were not severe ; the treatment was, therefore, mamly directed

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usual proportion of water ; the blood meanwhile maintaining its normal

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Joseph Lavies and Alexander Thompson, Esq., M.B., Aberdeen.

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dress, as if trying to smooth it. The head also jerked from side to side.

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quiring their attention. Such an officer might, in addition, perform the duties of a

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insisted upon more than once. Besides, if the obstacles are so great

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wounded in the present war. Twenty of the tents are already open ;

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on April 28th, July 21st, October 20th, and November 3rd, 1871.*

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through the skin round the base of the tumour ; into each of these was

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— the eye-affection and joint-effusion — were found together. Another

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