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in cardiac hyi^ertrophy. In order, then, that the augmentation of cardiac
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which often attain immense size and become very painful, are developed.
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mate and other hygienic measures in the management of that form of bron-
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and laryngeal tissue), with hoarseness at times amounting to aphonia,
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in some cases, or the pressure upon the axillary vein causes intense
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The usual method of producing profuse diaphoresis is to place the patient
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The affected valves may be thickened, indurated, contracted, adherent,
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be removed by means of irrigation. The trephine should be set upon
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some manner render inert pyrogenic substances in the blood. At present,
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sick should not be allowed to have any intercourse with the healthy until
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by fajcal vomiting, the pain is localized, there is a sub-normal temperature
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important part in its management. How, then, can the development of
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loins, nates, genitals, or about an excoriated or a blistered surface. They
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their development. These ulcers may enlarge by coalescence or individual
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If the second and third cervical vertebrae are affected, the auricularis
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granules, the Malpighian bodies being enlarged to 1-25 or 1-12 of an inch
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to be effective. A poultice may be made of ground flaxseed, elm bark,
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pus formation, but the disease process does not invade the spinal cord. It
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lation comes on, the pain radiates about the umbilicus. 5. The skin and
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gladiolus from the manubrium may take place because of great direct
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except after severe mental or ])hysical work, when there is a sense of
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Tubercles in the spleen develop in the spleen-pulp. The nodules may be
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become shortened, and in some cases weakened, and in other cases
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condition of the patient will demand treatment, as well as the specific
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disease. One winter, nearly every case of pneumonia in Bellevue Hospital
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In chronic hyp)era>mia the liver is often found in a state of partial fatty
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Into the peritoneal cavity. Peritonitis maybe avoided by pressing the parts
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but following each chill there is a rapid rise, when it again falls
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is sometimes distended and rigid, sometimes flattened and retracted. The