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observations are illustrated very beautifully by coloured drawings

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compound identical in all animals and in all plants, which dififeren-

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the mineral waters may be taken at home or at some mountain resort.

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being absorbed with them. In fatal cases the nodules increase

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cian that, out of 116 patients, he had operated on 32 after the

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well founded, for the following reasons: It is well known that there

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pectations as to their salubrity, there must be some fault existing

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the nitrate of silver. In the later stage of the disease quinine was

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an old and approved method of treatment after the failure of many

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Dr Murray said that, from considerable experience and inquiries,

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would yield readily to hot irrigations. [I have tried this method many

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disappeared, and then only in the middle of the day. [I believe this

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the appendages of the uterus are affected only on one side," he says,

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but which are capable of further development. The Indian Govern-

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August). The patient made a rapid and good recovery, and was

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occurred. Most of the hearing children became temporarily deaf.

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it is next to useless here. I have never bled in such cases, believing

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nitrate of silver (gr. x. to ^j.). The mother was cautioned not to

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Marienbad Kreuz- or Ferdinands-brunnen in the morning on an empty

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in an enema or suppository). The dose will sometimes need to be re-

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Uragmic symptoms may also arise, and may be treated in the usual

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would yield readily to hot irrigations. [I have tried this method many

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positive, while two others repeated later at varying intervals did

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stay in the fall, may prevent recurrent cases of acute gout. Suitable

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(only tea and bouillon allowed), or of vegetables, or of von Noorden's

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nurses were able to pick out, at an early period, from the throng of

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fore milk and sometimes in the strippings, with a considerable variation in conditions

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to deny that infection from cholera patients ever takes place.

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it might be clearer ; but the aim of the work is thoroughly realized.

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tival and subconjunctival tissue with a dense fibrinous material,

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be employed; still more emphatically Noguchi states that human

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Local incisions are of use only where there is local suppuration without

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cation of the Vienna paste. Chloral is also the most prompt and

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slants. Usually in the second tube the colonies of fusiform bacilli

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conditions, — cerebral anaemia, for example, in which the patient naturally

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Blood serum, drawn from the renal vein of a goat, proved of decided

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Cats are susceptible but recover. On April 7 an adult cat was inoculated sub-

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vascular, and could not be broken down without excessive haemor-

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within 48 hours, and consists generally in an improvement, followed by

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one hour would be sufficient to infect a guinea-pig, but it was soon

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sponded to the cultural characteristics of dysentery bacilli are given in Table i.

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