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ty years past, the days of Eclipse and Highflyer, and a long
" analgesia " is sometimes applied to it. Gendrin went so far as to declare
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them originated in Charleston, 3 at Castle Pinckney.
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1851.] Donaldson on Bernard's Recent Discoveries. \ 343
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that witnessed in the adult. In those under three years of age
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relieved her vomiting ahiiost at once, which had resisted
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all cases in which insanity is a defense, and what in-
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|iv ; bicarb, soda 3ss ; nitrate of potassa, grs. 20; mix. Dose,
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barley, juar, or bajra, form the main part of the diet. This
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Archivf. Psychiatrie, vol. xxvii. p. 688. PATRICK. New York Medical Journal, 1897.
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The theocin was given, 2>4 grains, four times a day.
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is no more a sign or indication of the menopause than
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Yesterday I asked him to name one of his friends who came into
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tympani, just beneath the brain, or in the so-called
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the patient was seen by Mf . Maunder who, supposing the case to be
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of the P harmacetUical Era writes that the Academy of Medi-
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nephropathy in rabbits, caused a significant increase
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House of Delegates. Those of us who stood in line for over one hour and then sat in folding chairs another hour
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ful-doses of balsam of copaiba every two hours till it acted on
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the needs of the tissues, and normal growth was also favored
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Boeck later made visits to these colonies while in this country, and pub-
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increase by friction the irritation of the inflamed membrane. Where
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distribution to the doctors of the State. We prefer to send it out through
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Arkansas and its Caduceus Club are fortunate to have a
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not a physician in good and regidar standing, was accusud
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August 21, 1821. Notice was ordered to Drs. Jackson and
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I ai)i)lied a bandage, and stepped into the adjoin-
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nose. The pressure thus exerted causes congestion of the parts, the ostei