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I ordered every person, including the physician, to go out of the room,
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Training School (U. S A.). We quote from the Detroit Free Press : "I
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C'ifi'il. — .^urrey, Dr. Galton; Kent, Dr. Pars ms ; Sussex,
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One of the first results is hemorrhage into the substance of the pan-
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to take food and speak. I ordered her valerian, but her
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required, especially as regards the drainage connections an<i
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members, of whom Jlr. Marcus Beck was the last. The
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to use every means for restoring muscular power, and particularly ask
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sation, except the joints, which all seem to ache together. At other
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Mr. SouTHAM and Dr. Kelynack mentioned a case of per-
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arsenic by mouth, hypodermically, or from ivory points and
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protect the interests of the proprietors of secret remedies as
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Treatment. — As this condition is characterized by absence of the