about three parts of 10 per cent NaCl solution. Owing to the very viscid character
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Models of the kind now shown have been made by Fabbri of
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seems to have given rise to considerable criticism, according as the
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the salubrity of several of the hospitals erected in this manner; and
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Every ward in the pavilions of St Thomas's Hospital is intended
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[Nauheim is too distant for many of our patients, so that a few details
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Hippuric acid is benzoic acid, its poles surmounted by a nascent
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school of mental science. He traces the mental state, normal and
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Both feet and legs should be scrubbed with soap and water, and the
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given. The quantity of milk allowable may be determined by estimating
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digitalis. About 4 G. (1 dr.) of potassium nitrate is also often added to
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Doubtless, this may be accounted for by the fact that the strain
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G. Richardson, of Philadelphia, has attended closely to this matter
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lungs may be restricted by binding the upper arms and thighs tightly at
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tion, others dealing with questions now hopelessly buried under
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smears made from the tissues of Vincent's angina and noma. On
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McClintic, Thomas B. (and Anderson, John F.) - - - - i
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the steam be inhaled, the patient's head and the basin being covered
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tom of an otherwise latent mitral insufficiency. "We know further that
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of explanation. These authors emphasize the fact that the cord
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7 years old, had calved March 6, 1910, and was giving io| liters per day on November
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In some of the small individuals the posterior end is sometimes
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seldom arises. The author will therefore defer the discussion of this
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of 0.001-0.004 G. (Veo-Vie gr.), and is less toxic than atropin. Agaricin,
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sition of the urine. Sometimes they are due to an excessive alkalinity
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a figure which is said to be the measure of the difference between
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think rightly, preferred to lay him to rest beside his children on the
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enteric fever, mainly confined to the houses situate on the banks of
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results that may be obtained even by the same worker are mislead-
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civil ones pretty encouraging, the military ones very much the
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animals may be infected with the blood of sick animals when trypanosomes are appar-
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In the treatment with ointment, the part to be rubbed (upper and
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somewhat anomalous example of locomotor ataxia, or of muscular
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minations of numbers would be made between the initial and final
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determine whether it developed by the coiling up of a normal
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III. Dr A. G. Miller showed the arm of a woman which he
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than the red blood cells. The animals then died, 8, 9, 12, and 15 days after
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merely chronic rheumatism, and others who were dieted and drenched
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sent in too many cases. Justice and the truest mercy demand irom
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for a considerable time under his care for extensive necrosis of the