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new growth the density and contractility which were observed to appear
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by the investigator when he left England, viz., that the danger was from
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continued, the diarrhoea had ceased by the time the patient reached
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account for the disorder in any other way. An old disposition to haemorrhoids
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fibro-myoma and chronic metritis. It should be administered before the
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A remarkable feature of the case was the persistence of the foetal heart
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Coney Island Hospital January 1, 1918, remained on the Medical Service
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become of late years a much more successful procedure in carcinoma, is not
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requesting that a blank be sent him if through an oversight he
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followed by irregular, spasmodic movements of all his limbs," I cannot
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Court decision handed down April 12th, Section 2 (Law) :
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common cause, which precedes the pronounced kidney lesions. This
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in an open space, is not a disea.se, but a symptom only, and it is only one
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ural pressure, proportional to the amount of congestion, upon
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peritoneum, are the subjects of the nine lectures here collected. Each
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Rarely it exceeds five days, and in only 2 cases did it last longer than a weiek.
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septicsemia is an uncommon complication of cancer of the womb will be
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Very little is known as to the laws which govern the appearance of this
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Note to Contributors. — All communications intended for insertion in the Original
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minutes, but usually in both man and beast a certain tolerance to
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neck, was not limited to it, but in severe storms extended to other joints.
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lation would require a volume by itself." Possibly enthusiastic
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and after complete apyrexia, there not infrequently developed a second stage
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turned to the ward and put in the Fowler position. The wound
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heart, such as the dorsal or supra-spinous regions, is, however, of great diag-
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whereas formerly it took 8, 10 or 12 days, and the time for drainage has
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This occurred both on inspiration and expiration. The sonorous and
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restful breathing spell ? Why, of course not, for there are many
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administered alone, proved that the good result was due to it, and not to the
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that the men know of the existence of these rooms when they are
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