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restoring to transparency the opaque cornea of a . — Med. Time*

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A bouillon culture from the exudate contains streptococci and

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Annual Reports, Special Reports and Bulletins on Animal Diseases

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pearance of those in which the disease was artificially pro-

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by Xeal and Chester, at the Delaware College Experiment

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vating it, and in transmitting the disease to other animals by

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endeavoring to detach it from its rouleau. The question of the

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and singularly aids the cicatrization of -wounds. Belladonna,

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lowered temperature, offensive breath, and plenty of sunlight. The same care should

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agar the colonies appear as minute grayish dots. In agar, especially in

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1. Irritation of nerve, causing contraction of capillaries

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mon has found that rabies exists in nearly every part of the

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which I tried to alleviate her suffering did no good, and I deter-

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§ 280. Etiology. Prior to Curtice's discovery, this

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so obscure that the resulting morbid changes are not easily

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after the absence of a day or two they return to their home,

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The broad facts of" elimination are stated in the following

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off and they die. Their degeneration gives rise to the cheesy

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medical patronage of the National Government tributary to the honor and

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mon. The thermometer may register 102 or 104° F. and the

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month, when she miscarried, and was so ill that her life was de-

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